How to get list of all hosted reports and their path on report server

Declare @Namespace NVARCHAR(500)
Declare @SQL VARCHAR(max)
SELECT @Namespace= SUBSTRING(x.CatContent,x.CIndex,CHARINDEX(‘”‘,x.CatContent,x.CIndex+7) – x.CIndex)
FROM ReportServer_SQL2008_Prod.dbo.Catalog C
WHERE C.Content is not null
AND C.Type = 2
) X
SELECT @Namespace = REPLACE(@Namespace,’xmlns=”‘,”) + ”
SELECT COALESCE(C.Path, ‘Unknown’) as ReportPath,Name,CreatedBy = U.UserName
,CreationDate = C.CreationDate
,ModifiedBy = UM.UserName
FROM ReportServer_SQL2008_Prod.dbo.Catalog C
JOIN ReportServer_SQL2008_Prod.dbo.Users U
ON C.CreatedByID = U.UserID
JOIN ReportServer_SQL2008_Prod.dbo.Users UM
ON c.ModifiedByID = UM.UserID


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