Tips to Pass AZ-900

Recently I passed AZ-900 Exam of Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, though its a fundamental exam but it covers most of the component in Azure. This exam is the beginning point for your Azure journey. Don’t take this exam lightly as the name suggest fundamentals. So here are some of my experience and tips to pass the exam.

Test will be comprised of 48 questions which you have to attempt in 90 minute and questions will cover most of the aspects from the fundamental point of view.

Questions will primarily come from these below topics.

  • Capex & Opex fundamentals
  • Examples of Private, public and Hybrid Cloud
  • Characteristics and benefits of each cloud model
  • Pricing, cost benefits and azure pricing calculator
  • Definitely there will be some questions on Availability zones, regions for example how many VM’s and Availability zones are required for 99.99% Uptime
  • When to use Pay-as-You-Go, Enterprise and Free ; which subscription to use for Azure App Services when you are planning to evaluate it for 6 months etc.
  •  Questions from Subscription, like a single account can manage multiple subscription, how many subscription can a single account own,  how many subscription are needed for different bills for different department. Can multiple subscription be merged
  • Questions on resource and resource group, for example can you have resources from multiple region in on resource group, how to protect a resource from being deleted so go thoroughly with Lock,
  • There will be question like deleting a resource group will delete all resources
  • Questions from RBAC, Azure Advisor , Microsoft Trust Centre
  • Questions on Azure Firewall, 
  •  Questions on Azure AD
  • Questions on when to use Azure IOT, Cognitive Services, Azure DevOps and Azure Application Insight
  • Some questions on Azure PowerShell, Azure CLI, for example can you manage resources  from IPhone and which tool you can be used on Iphone to manage Azure resources
  • What is DDOS in Azure, when this is used, difference between DDOS, Azure Firewall and Application gateway, what you will use to apply filter on protocol, what to use for filtering IP etc.


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