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How to get the list of parameters used in Reports

SELECT a.name as ReportName,
Name = Paravalue.value(‘Name[1]’, ‘VARCHAR(250)’)
,Type = Paravalue.value(‘Type[1]’, ‘VARCHAR(250)’)
,Nullable = Paravalue.value(‘Nullable[1]’, ‘VARCHAR(250)’)
,AllowBlank = Paravalue.value(‘AllowBlank[1]’, ‘VARCHAR(250)’)
,MultiValue = Paravalue.value(‘MultiValue[1]’, ‘VARCHAR(250)’)
,UsedInQuery = Paravalue.value(‘UsedInQuery[1]’, ‘VARCHAR(250)’)
,Prompt = Paravalue.value(‘Prompt[1]’, ‘VARCHAR(250)’)
,DynamicPrompt = Paravalue.value(‘DynamicPrompt[1]’, ‘VARCHAR(250)’)
,PromptUser = Paravalue.value(‘PromptUser[1]’, ‘VARCHAR(250)’)
,State = Paravalue.value(‘State[1]’, ‘VARCHAR(250)’)
FROM (SELECT C.Name,CONVERT(XML,C.Parameter) AS ParameterXML
FROM ReportServer_SQL2008_Prod.dbo.Catalog C
WHERE C.Content is not null
AND C.Type = 2
–AND C.Name = ‘%/Dashboard/KnowledgeBase%’
) a
CROSS APPLY ParameterXML.nodes(‘//Parameters/Parameter’) p ( Paravalue )