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How to get Snapshot associated with the report

SELECT Reportname = c.Name
,ScheduleType = sch.EventType
,ScheduleFrequency =
CASE sch.RecurrenceType
WHEN 1 THEN ‘Once’
WHEN 2 THEN ‘Hourly’
WHEN 4 THEN ‘Daily/Weekly’
WHEN 5 THEN ‘Monthly’
FROM ReportServer_SQL2008_Prod.dbo.Subscriptions su
JOIN ReportServer_SQL2008_Prod.dbo.Catalog c
ON su.Report_OID = c.ItemID
JOIN ReportServer_SQL2008_Prod.dbo.ReportSchedule rsc
ON rsc.ReportID = c.ItemID
AND rsc.SubscriptionID = su.SubscriptionID
JOIN ReportServer_SQL2008_Prod.dbo.Schedule Sch
ON rsc.ScheduleID = sch.ScheduleID
WHERE c.Name = @ReportName