Tools & Softwares

SQL Code Block

SQLCodeBlock is a software that contains all day today scripts that DBA’s use for troubleshooting and normal SQL Server health checks. It’s a small initiative to collaborate all scripts and assembled them into a windows based application.

You can download and install this tool on the local machine and run it anytime, it’s very easy to use, just open this tool and select a category, select sub-category and then click fetch script. It’s that easy and then click copy to clipboard.

The tool is complied with .Net 3.5 so minimum framework required for the same is 3.5

>>SQLCodeBlack Download<< One Drive

>>SQLCodeBlack Download<< Google Drive

Download the zip file and extract the files and click setup.exe to install it on your machine



Sara Performance Analyzer

Sara Performance Analyzer is a windows based application which helps you in troubleshooting SQL Server issues. The application perform health check on various parameters and provide a full report for your SQL Server. The tool provide detailed information on below parameters

  • Hardware
  • Disk Status
  • Services
  • Instance
  • DB Configuration
  • Backup Status
  • Temp DB Status
  • Performance
  • Job related information


>>Download Sara Performance Analyzer<<

Download the zip file and extract all the file in folder and run setup.exe. This will install application with name SARA your machine.

How to run and pre-requisites for this application

  • You must be SYSADMIN on SQL Server and Server Admin on Machine to run this application
  • Application enables XP_Cmdshell to execute some command and then disable it accordingly so test this in your DEV and Test environment before executing it on production
  • Use SQL Authentication OR Integrated option
  • Enter Server Name
  • Select Authentication
  • Click Process

This application will take around 1-3 minutes to finish all test and then displays result in Data Grid.


SQL Stress Tool with Monitoring (Enhancement over SQL Stress)

This tool is an enhancement over SQL Stress tool with some additional features to monitor real time performance of SQL Server with Performance Counter.







One comment

  1. SARA tool is too good. Appreciate your efforts on this.
    I just want to know will it possible to get the same for the multiple servers.
    Why we should consider the Offline database backups which are showing in red colour.
    Since it is Windows application will it possible to store the data somewhere.

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